I have been working with Monique for a few weeks now and I cannot recommend her enough. She is very thoughtful and such a good listener. I have loved that she can totally relate to me and I love having online face to face coaching, that is so cool. She gives lots of support and gives me many recommendations of things to listen to and read for extra support! Give her a try, you will not be disappointed.

Joan Menares Barlett

Monique is such a caring, insightful and loving human being. She is tremendously encouraging and truly understands the depths of trauma, and the toll it can take on a person. She instills such hope and love that leaves me feeling nourished, grateful & lighter after each session. She sees each individual as an equal part in their own journey and is so inspiring in everything that she does! I am so thankful to be on this journey with her!

Alexis Marie

Talking to Monique is so comforting. I love how knowledgeable she is and she always points me back in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! Monique is an amazing coach!

Jennifer Edgerton

Monique is such a kind, comforting and validating coach. I’ve never felt so validated in my experiences and feelings. I highly recommend Monique. She is a great support!!

Laura Konarski

Monique has an incredible way of communicating, she listens beyond what you say and asks the right questions that you’d never think to ask yourself. Her ability to create space for you when you need it as well as her insightful words are a perfect combination for powerful and meaningful coaching. Thank you x

Sam Wilde

I am currently being coached by Monique and her outlook and teachings of healing from anxiety and C-PTSD has truly been remarkable. This is something that every person should have at their disposal. It’s a concept that affects every area in a persons life. The positive transformation of myself within just a short time, is something that I (really)never knew could EVER happen!! THANK YOU MONIQUE! You have been one of the greatest blessings in my life 🙏

Odessa Sinay

I came to Monique during a challenging time and she welcomed me with open ears and a compassionate heart. She helped me see how life truly works, Trauma can be a difficult conversation, but our time together flowed effortlessly. Highly recommend Monique as a coach, because she is authentic in her desire to help others! I am grateful for the time we’ve had together,

Alana Feinstein Rogers

I have been working with Monique for a few weeks now and my life has improved ten fold. I have had PTSD and Agoraphobia for 30 years and have been doing so much better in the last few weeks. She is amazing!

Tina Marie

I have commenced one on one online sessions with Monique for the past month and my life has started to change. I am experiencing long spaces of freedom from anxiety. I am so excited, I have started to reduce my anxiety medication albeit slowly. I can see results! I am NOT my thinking….who would have thought?

Vanessa Willams-henke